CEO Perspectives  
  Fulfilling the CEO Agenda  
  Two very real executive leadership needs led to the development of the CEO Perspectives program.  


The CEO Agenda

There are certain issues, decisions, and responsibilities that a CEO cannot delegate, but needs to share with the company's senior most executives. This CEO Agenda includes:

  • setting strategic direction
  • leading change to build great organizations
  • deciding on long-term growth opportunities
  • serving as the public face of the organization
  • acting as steward of the company’s values and culture

Leadership Development

Traditionally, there hasn’t been a way to provide people who are transitioning from functional or business–line roles to C-level management with deeper insight into what CEOs value, how they make decisions, and what actions they take in certain situations.

The CEO Perspectives program addresses these needs and provides a means to accelerate the development of C-suite executives to better serve the CEO and the company.

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