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Unique Design

Every element of the program itself is distinctive.


Each program module is delivered by a team of world-class academics from Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University and University of Chicago Booth School of Business, together with over two dozen CEOs and Board members from leading global companies, interacting with the participants.

The program is focused on active engagement, cutting-edge thinking, and practical, relevant advice. It is designed to create an environment where participants are encouraged and expected to be an integral part of each other’s learning experience. Thus, participants, CEOs, and academics serve as co-creators of knowledge, insight and action.

Three Leadership Themes

Woven throughout the program are three essential themes of leadership:

  • thought leadership - the ability to incorporate and integrate alternative perspectives, to see forward and to operate out of one’s comfort zone
  • team leadership – the ability to lead peers and unify a corporate culture around a strong set of values
  • civic leadership – the ability to appreciate and manage the demands of external constituencies and stakeholders in a responsible fashion

These continuing leadership themes provide an opportunity for each participant to reflect on his or her own leadership development over the entire program.

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