(GG) Goldsmith Presentation

(EE) Kaplan Presentation

(DD) Treacy Presentation

(FF) Health Care Service Corporation Company Fact Sheet

(CC) ITW Company Fact Sheet

(BB) John Gerzema Presentation Slides

(AA) McDonald’s Corporation Fact Sheet

(HH) Northern Trust Company Fact Sheet

(H) Michael O’Grady Profile

(GG) Kelly Goldsmith Pre-Read: More Hours in the Day Would Make You a Better Leader–Here’s How to Get Them

(G) Kelly Goldsmith Profile

(F) Maurice Smith Profile

(EE) Steve Kaplan Pre-Read 2: “Level 5 Leadership – The Triumph of Humility & Fierce Resolve”

(E) Steve Kaplan Profile

(D) Michael Treacy Profile

(C) E. Scott Santi Profile

(B) John Gerzema Profile

(A) Chris Kempczinski Profile

(1) Module 2 Agenda

Speaker Roster